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Why Buy your Used Car at a Wrecker?carsforsale_kurtspicapart

Good question and many people don’t find the sound of it appealing. You might be surprised to learn that our mechanics are skilled and trained to thoroughly evaluate the car’s condition and parts just as much if not more than a mechanic at a dealership. So, when you buy a used vehicle through us, you can have peace of mind that the vehicle has been thoroughly inspected.

Also, you get a better priced used vehicle through us than you would at an auto dealership. This is not because junkyard vehicles are in bad condition, but instead because our Orem yard has lower overhead costs than dealers and are able to pass the savings on to our customers.

Occasionally Utah Pic A Part Orem comes across vehicles that are in good running condition or are a great fixer uppers. You Can Save Big on used vehicles. Looking for a used vehicle come by or call (801) 756-5878 today to see what we have available. You can Save BIG by buying a used car from Utah Pic A Part Orem.


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