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pull and saveNo More Retail Prices – Pull and Save

Come on down to our junkyard to benefit when you pull and save on auto parts for your car. Never pay retail prices again for car parts. We have a massive, organized inventory for you to sort through. Experience the difference in service when you make us your prime shopping spot for vehicle parts. We work hard to assist our customers in locating what they need to fix their vehicle and get it back in working order.

We are able to bring our customers incredible savings because they roll up their sleeves, bring their own tools, and pull the parts out by themselves. We provide this option because it significantly saves the customers on a part that would cost more than twice the price that we charge.

We have a regularly rotating inventory in our junkyard. We bring in new inventory on a daily basis—sometimes several times a day. You can even check out our inventory yourself by going to the Self Service: Do it Yourself page. Where do we get our inventory? Often people keep their nonworking vehicles in their driveway or yard with the intention of fixing it up, but life gets in the way and it never happens. In an attempt to clean up their yard, they call us to come remove the vehicle in exchange for a decent sum of cash.

If you’re interested, the process is easy. We only require that you have a lien-free title and be there when we pick up the vehicle. We must have the title and keys in our hands before we can take away the vehicle, that is why we need someone there for the pick-up.

This method of bringing in inventory helps us save our customers a significant amount of money because we always have something new. If we did not have it yesterday, then we might have it today. If we do not have something that you need to pull parts from, leave us your information by using the Parts Request form. We will call you as soon as it comes in to our junkyard.

Also you might find the vehicle you need to pull parts from but the part you need isn’t there. Just come to the office and we will provide you with a Parts Interchange list that has that same part on a different make or model.

Tips for When You Pull and Save

If you plan on making a trip down to our location, check out our guideline and print out our Yard Map to make the experience as smooth as possible. In addition here are some important things to consider.


Safety is our number one concern. Out in the yard, there are many different car parts. It’s possible to find a number of dangerous items such as broken glass, sharp metal pieces, and other heavy parts capable of breaking your feet if something fell on them. For this reason, children are absolutely not allowed in the yard. There are no exceptions to this rule.


We recommend wearing older, already stained, or work clothes when you come to pull and save on auto parts. Grease and oil are very difficult to clean out of your clothing. If you wear something that you do not care about, then there is no need to be concerned about touching the vehicles. Wear closed-toe shoes. Open-toe shoes are not allowed.


We require you to bring your own tools to remove parts from the vehicles. A flashlight, gloves, and WD-40 are also helpful in the process of pulling parts.

We believe that our customers should not have to pay full retail for their auto parts, which is why we allow our customers to pull and save through our self-service option. Visit us today!


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